About BestOfSchools Preschool Profiles

Many researches across the globe have supported that the early year experiences build the foundation for life-long learning for every human being. Hence, choosing a preschool is one of the most critical decision a parent has to take for their child. BestOfSchools has come up with its flagship project Paridrashya a one-stop solution for parents.

Paridrashya is an initiative of BestOfSchools to capture the landscape of preschools and early years experiences available across the nation and present the existing landscape to the parent. This initiative comprises of developing most appropriate, transparent and complete preschool profiles and reimagining preschool information access for parents to support them in their most important decision for their child. It will make searching preschools easy for parents by helping them take informed decision and providing structured information of relevant parameters.

What is a preschool profile?

A preschool profile is a holistic picture of any preschool through the lens of nine parameters developed by experts at BestOfSchools. It displays a variety of indicators under each parameter of preschool quality to provide a complete and holistic picture of how effectively each preschool is planning to provide learning experiences to all of its students.

How does a preschool profile developed?

A repository of quality standards has been developed by the team of experts from the field with deep groundings from research across the globe. The first hand data on these indicators is being collected from preschool owners through an in-depth interview and a secondary data research is also conducted to have all-round information. Data from both the resources are organized to build a complete preschool profile. The Preschool Profile Basic Details Services Available Admission & Financial Assistance Staff organization & Management Physical Environment Vision & Guiding Principles Learning opportunities & Participation Parent Engagement & Participation Child Assessment & Program Evaluation

How can you participate?

If you are a preschool owner, connect with us to build your unique preschool profile by filling out the given google form.Google Form
If you are a parent, write reviews for your school and help other parents in the decision making process.Review Link
If you are a franchise owner, connect us with your branches by contacting us at contactus@bestofschools.com.