Insights on COVID-19 Impact on Preschools

Early Years in the Pandemic

What Lies Ahead for Preschools and Pre-Primary Schools

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everyday life and the world entered into a ‘New Normal.’ The crisis adversely affected several segments of the Indian Education system and the Early Education sector was no different.

This extensive market study, performed during the COVID Pandemic, reveals that as Preschools made a complete switch to the virtual medium, Indian parents, teachers, and school owners were struggling to arrive at a common ground. This study that surveyed hundreds of parents across India, also revealed that parents are sceptical about the effectiveness of virtual mode of teaching in the context of Early Education. Low attention span, long screen times, dwindling socio-emotional growth, were some concerns with online preschool classes that was shared by Indian parents.

  • What are the parent’s primary concerns with online classes?
  • How do they perceive the closure of schools impacts their child?
  • Which alternate mechanisms do they use to engage their child at home?
  • What fraction of parents think that a COVID vaccine is must to restart schooling?

This research, conducted in collaboration with Early Education Experts, Researchers, and Scholars garners critical insights into some complex yet omnipresent questions.

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