BestOfSchools is a platform which brings your Preschool/ Daycare a step closer to parents. BestOfSchools helps you answer the questions which a parent has during preschool search. BestOfSchools allows you to showcase your facilities, curriculum, activities, recommendations from alumni parents and much more.

An unclaimed profile is a profile which is waiting to be owned by the administrator of the preschool. You should claim your school profile as soon as possible to start using the amazing BestOfSchools features. An unclaimed profile will only display location, phone number, email address and name of the school.

No. There is no charge for claiming and owning your school profile on BestOfSchools.

Simply sign-up on BesOfSchools and click the Claim button on your profile. We will approve your claim after a quick verification.

Start telling the world the wonderful things which you and your school does. To start, complete your profile by clicking Edit after logging in with your userid/password or your Gmail login.

You are probably uploading images with more than the prescribed size limit which is 1MB. Try reducing their size by following this link.

You can do a lot with your BestOfSchools profile. Your profile is as good as your own website. You can choose from a list of activities and facilities your school has to offer, such as, Daycare, Summer Camps, Art & Craft, Freeplay, Puzzles, Yoga, Stage exposure etc. You can also showcase your facilities such as Guarded Gates, Transportation, Indoor, Outdoor play areas etc. Besides this stay ahead and get leads, answer parent FAQs, upload pictures, show videos, get parent recommendations and much more….

This is how your profile can look like Sample Profile

A Claimed badge allows the real preschool owner to establish the ownership by verifying with us. Once we verify and accept the claim request, you will be awarded with a Claimed badge. Every preschool is recommended to go through the claim process to make sure their preschool is not claimed by someone else and also to gain the trust of other parents.