The Parent Engagement Survey collects opinion from parents about their and their child’s preschool experience. In addition, it aims to gather insights about some common trends in preschool selection among parents. This survey has been curated in consultation with leading Early Education Experts and is an adaptation from well researched Early Years Assessment frameworks designed in India and abroad. Click to Register.

You can register by clicking this link. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Remember last day to register is 29th February 2020.

The survey is designed to accept responses from parents of existing and past enrollments in a given preschool.

The survey will gather parent opinion on a variety of questions related to Curriculum, Hygiene, Staff, Safety, and Security. A participating preschool also receives a personalized Engagement Survey Report which highlights its strengths and also identifies areas the preschool could improve on. It will also help the preschool compare the performance against key metrics on a baseline of opinion collected from other parents in the area.

The survey will be conducted by BestOfSchools team in partnership with participating preschools. Parents from participating preschools will receive a customized online survey link from us. Parents will be given a two-week window to respond to a simple 25 point questionnaire.

The Engagement Survey Report will be a personalized report for every participating preschool. Responses collected from parents will be analyzed and shared with the preschool as part of this report. Any comments and subjective assessment provided by parents will also be collated as part of this report.

There are no charges for conducting the survey or for the Engagement  Survey Report.

Our Survey is designed to measure parents’ satisfaction in terms of the overall Quality of Experience, from the services offered by the preschool. Based on their experience the survey probes into a parent’s Willingness to Recommend your preschool to others in their community. Both Quality of Experience and Willingness to Recommend are key metrics measuring Customer Satisfaction.