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Use our Search to find schools in your neighbourhood, area or city. We analyze each school closely on a variety of metrics and parameters to help you make the best choice, whether you are planning for nursery admissions or planning to change schools.

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After all, parents strive to get the best schooling for their child. But, we know how difficult it becomes to assess schools in absence of credible school rating and school ranking mechanisms to make this critical decision. Our team is constantly working hard to devise new parameters that make it easy for parents to select the best school.

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There are a host of areas to look at while selecting a school. Parents seeking school admissions or nursery admissions for the first time are privy to those critical parameters based on which schools should be assessed. After consulting numerous experts and collecting opinion from hundreds of parents with school going children, our research team has narrowed down to a selected list of dimensions for evaluating the best schools for your child.

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Walk into our research-based parenting blogs and articles, that educate new parents in assessing and selecting the best school for admission in your neighbourhood, area or city.

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Identifying the best schools is a struggle for parents as it takes a lot to ascertain which schools will provide the best for the child. BestOfSchools brings you research-based data that captures the latest insights and trends in the education sector. These insights help parents assess and choose the best school in their neighbourhood, area or city. Our detailed assessments help parents evaluate schools not only in the terms of academics, curriculum and infrastructure, but also based on real opinion from parents. Our enriching blogs and articles with tips and other interactive tools help parents make that right choice.

Our Research

An extensive research conducted by team BestOfSchools, performed during the COVID Pandemic, revealed the impact of the pandemic on preschools and the scepticism of parents about the effectiveness of online preschools in the context of Early Education.

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Impact of Covid on Indian Preschools

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